Abstract kites in a purple sky

22 Sep 2011
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I hand painted the silk back gound fabric.and liked the unusal design and colors. I appliqued the  "kites"using some commersial fabrics.. The quiltig was donein the abstract motif od the silk sky, a unconventional approach.I love the color combination of purple, lime and turquoise.

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on 16 Oct 2011 7:06 AM

Quite a tempest tossed effect you acheived in this piece.The mottled painting of the lines of the sky and the line of lighter color across the middle, as if the edge of cold front were coming through, lend to the effect.  The scale of the quilting, with larger spaces of lines in the front, closer to the viewer, and the smaller tighter quilting in the background add to the illusion of depth. Great, yummy colors!