Geometric Mola Pillow

28 Dec 2011
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Here are some new and fresh ideas that will inspire you to create beautiful, brightly colored and unique craft/sewing projects. I hope you will share some small part of my passion for the Kuna Indians through their Textiles, Mola items and other Crafts. Enjoy browsing all my exquisite molas within my gallery. We value your business and hope you are completely satisfied with your purchase for the years to come. Mola Pillows that will bright up your living room, guest room, or any room within your home. Mola pillows can be custom made for you size 16" x 16". E-mail your questions Tel. 937-422-4944

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Anne lundy wrote
on 1 Jan 2012 5:09 PM

Happy New Year !  This is very artistic,  Thank you for sharing your  a bit of your culture and your art.