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ice parfait dyeing pic 2 0f 5

8 Jul 2012
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My friends and I want to try the ice parfait dyeing from Quilting Arts June/July issue. The instructions were for fat quarters and we wanted to do larger pieces. We used a kiddie pool and about 30 pounds of ice and it turned out great. We used solid cotton, tone-on-tone cotton, cotton flannel (solid and print), t-shirts and even a couple of pairs of socks!

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Anne lundy wrote
on 8 Jul 2012 8:28 PM
This sooooo very exciting !! Brovo for going through the process and showing it .I love the looks of this piece Would love to see the other pieces.  Sure good of you to have your (daughter ? )  taking part in the project.   What do you plan on making, be sure to show it,I'm dying to see the  completed  project.