More 'What If?' reader challenge quilts

31 Jul 2012
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"What If It All Came Together?" by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki of Provo, Utah

"Sometimes pieces of our lives, other's lives, and everything else comes together."


"Ode to Dali" by Wendi Bucey of Paradise, California

"What if I had not had the opportunity to replace my daughter's Spanish teacher on a trip to Spain when she got pregnant?
The trip's theme was Spanish art and architecture, and I was
in awe seeing famous cities and museums. My "Ode to Dali" quilt is inspired by the works of art I saw in the Salvador Dali Museum in Spain."

"What If What's Important Is What's Not There?" by Sunni Hamillton of Sacramento, California

"I made this piece after thinking about letting go and wanted to illustrate the freedom all that extra space in your soul can bring."


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