3D Turtle postcard

31 Jul 2012
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This is my reader challenge postcard.  I have been experimenting with 3D critters for a batik quilt I am working on this summer.  Since I started the quilt this summer...it's my staycation project.  

  This is a rendition of a sea turtle my daughter Jerica and I saw while snorkeling in about 10' of water off Ft. Picken in Pensacola FL.  Jerica was so excited when she saw the turtle... then, we saw another one!  I wanted to capture the moment since I couldn't capture the turtle on film.  So, I made 2 trial turtles out of fabric and pellon 72.  The card is also pellon 72 for stiffness (after all it is a postcard).  

  The turtle is 3 layers quilted and satin stitched on the edges.  It was tricky since it's pieces are so small.  I wanted some highlight so I used copper metallic thread and some rhinestones for barnacles.  Call it, artistic licence.  I painted the fish and added sparkles for depth but decided not to quilt the background to keep attention on the turtle.  It really depicts the scene.  I was surprised at how well this turned out.  Jerica wanted one for herself so I am finishing the second turtle for her.  Her turtle is lighter green and has a mauve batik spotted shell with pearle thread accents.

  I am really excited to finish my art quilt after this finished so nicely.  I'm thankful for the small project challenge.  It was just what I needed to put it all together!

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on 1 Aug 2012 1:59 PM

Lovely work. I like how you portray the water.

on 6 Sep 2012 10:37 AM

Hi, Dawn. Nice job on your staycation postcard! The 3-D turtle is even better-looking in person than the photo, and he/she arrived in our office safe and unscathed. Turtles are durable, I guess. :) Thank you for participating in the challenge and I hope you enjoyed your staycation!  Best, Kristine

on 24 May 2013 7:37 AM

Wow, the turtle is beautiful, It is amazing what can be done with fabric.   Wonderful job!!!