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Hand Paper Piecing Batiks

3 Aug 2012
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this is a close up of my first time paper piecing , well hand paper piecing , I did the twisted quilt on simply quilts on a machine and have thought since then I dont like to paper piece , but have learned from this I do like paper pieces by hand , I have never seen anyone do this or read a book or article on it but have bought and sold lots of pieces in my old antique shop so figured I could do it . I chose to use Batiks which I love but usually just use for backgrounds and it was like playing with a box of new crayons , :)  I know this technique is so old but add batiks and it should make a come back soon 

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okieLinda wrote
on 29 Aug 2012 7:45 AM

thought this was funny on the newspaper it said 'Take this job and Love it ' :)  didnt see that when I made it