Wonky Fabric Trees Project from Quilting Arts Gifts 2012/2013

24 Aug 2012
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Make festive holiday decorations with this creative mixed-media project by designer Melony Miller Bradley originally featured on pages 58-60 of Quilting Arts Gifts Magazine 2012/2013. 

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MarilynL29 wrote
on 6 Oct 2012 8:16 PM

There is a missing page in this recent issue---p. 59 is replaced by p. 76--and there is another p.76. Are all the magazines like that. I bought one today and returned it, but all the other issues have the same problem. Rats!! I really want this magazine. If all the issues are misprinted, I'd go ahead and buy it anyway, but if this is just a bad run, can I get one that has all the right pages?

on 15 Oct 2012 11:07 AM

Yes, MarilynL29, unfortunately this is a misprint in all issues.  You can download the full pattern here by clicking "download now."  Please accept our apologies, and I hope you enjoy making the project. ~ Kristine

meelah wrote
on 7 Dec 2013 4:25 PM