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Free-Form Fabric Art: Cut, Piece, and Create without Rules with Rayna Gillman

17 Sep 2012
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Get past your creative slump and dive into a fun, refreshing, no-stress approach to pieced quilt design! Learn how to screen print fabrics using Thermofax screens. Explore Raynas methods for free-form cutting and piecing. Play with commercial fabrics, hand-printed fabrics, and hand-dyed fabrics.

By combining colors without worrying about what goes, you can create a stash of one-of-a-kind units you can use any time! Even create a design wall to arrange and rearrange your units into a pleasing composition. Finally, find out Raynas technique for finishing quilts with a facing.

Revive your creativity with Rayna’s fun and freeing methods!

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Kristart wrote
on 7 Mar 2013 8:18 PM

Very easy to see the demonstration. 


Madonnacj wrote
on 28 Apr 2013 11:26 AM

Thank you free creative style.

on 30 Jan 2014 5:12 PM