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Marbled Fabric Surface Design: Working with Floating Paints, Stencils, & More with Jo Fitsell

17 Sep 2012
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Go through step-by-step processes working with floating paints and stencils in this fun workshop video. Learn how to float a very thin layer of paint on the surface of thickened water and then how to lift the paint design off the surface and onto a piece of fabric. This is such a thin layer of paint that they fabric will not become crispy or hard and is easy to work with once painted. Get tips for preparing fabric by removing the sizing and soaking it in an alum bath, to help the paint adhere to the fabric.

Also discover how to create the thickened water surface on which the paints will be floated, using carrageenan (a thickening agent made from seaweed). Learn how to make and use stencils on the surface, choose colors for subsequent layers, and much more. Finally, learn the process for drying, rinsing, and curing. See each possibility illustrated with a finished sample and a live demo.

This gorgeous marbled fabric makes for great material to stitch with machine or by hand. There are no two marbled pieces alike. Have fun creating unique pieces and watch what the paint creates. The possibilities are endless so let your imagination run wild!

With this Quilting Arts Workshop™ video, you'll open a world of new options for surface design with Jo’s techniques for marbling fabrics!

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