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Art Quilt Design with Hand-Carved Printing Blocks with Cynthia St. Charles

17 Sep 2012
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Discover how to create a dynamic textile art surface with remarkable depth and texture! Join fiber artist Cynthia St. Charles for an adventure that combines printmaking and quilting.

Cynthia demonstrates how to design and make simple hand-carved printing blocks. Then she shows how to use the hand-carved printing blocks to create an expressive scene that is unique to you, the artist. The printing creates a translucent layer that allows the underlying background to be revealed, while the printed surface tells the story.

Follow along as Cynthia shares ideas and options for creating a pleasing quilt composition: the fabric background can be a whole cloth piece of hand-dyed or hand-painted fabric, or it can be collaged or pieced from separate block-printed units. Finally, Cynthia guides viewers through her approach to finishing, from machine quilting through fused bindings that are printed and quilted to match the quilt design.

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