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2 May 2009
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Biker Wrap Skirt
by Erin Gilday

This file contains pattern templates only. Pattern instructions can be found in the Spring 2009 issue of Stitch.

Mix linen and felt to make this cool appliquéd skirt with metallic topstitching. The skirt rides low, but the wrap allows for a perfect fit no matter how you wear it. Use a playful print for the waist ties and pocket lining.

Guide to Full-Size Pattern PDF

  1. Download the PDF and save the file where you will find it easily. Once the pattern has downloaded, open the file and check that it has downloaded fully. The first page of the PDF is a layout drawing of the assembled tiles; use this as a guide while putting together the pieces of the pattern.
  2. Print the document as is, at 100%. DO NOT SCALE TO FIT and DO NOT CROP. The files are set up to be printed on letter-size paper (8 ½ x 11").
  3. To ensure that the pattern has printed at the correct scale, find the page containing the TEST SQUARE. The TEST SQUARE should be 2 x 2" (5 cm x 5 cm).
  4. To begin assembling the pattern, cut off or fold the margin on all sides of each page.

The pages are numbered in rows, so the first row of pages is numbered 1A, 1B, 1C, etc.  Line up the rows and match the dotted lines together so they overlap. Tape the pages together, using the illustrated guide to match each piece. Once complete, find your size, pin your pattern to the fabric, and follow the coordinating line to cut out or trace the pattern.

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pentax29 wrote
on 5 May 2009 1:41 PM

There doesn't seem to be instructions on how to sew the skirt included in the download.

golcondee wrote
on 8 May 2009 7:04 AM

it is because you need to buy the magazine to have the instructions...

Kate Perry wrote
on 8 May 2009 7:26 AM

Is it really feasible to wear a wrap skirt on a bicycle?  Or would it blow open?

fluxplay wrote
on 17 May 2009 11:47 AM

Its called 'biker' because of the silly applique. I downloaded the PDF to make this skirt because it came up as a "Free" pattern"....but yes it seems you need to buy the mag....what a con.

pranamama wrote
on 25 May 2009 8:42 PM

I just made this pattern and it was pretty simple.  The magazine is well worth buying.

I did notice an irritating inconsistency between the pattern pieces on the website and the directions in the magazine itself.  If you want to have a contrast waistband/ties, you should cut out SIX of the waistband pieces in the contrast fabric, not three of main and three of contrast…I followed the pattern pieces and didn’t realize the error until I had already attached the errant waistband pieces right sides together to the skirt according to the directions, not realizing that the waistband and facing should be of the same, contrasting fabric.  I wasn’t about to unsew the entire thing, so I only have contrast on the facing (inside).

Racheleid wrote
on 11 Jul 2009 4:28 AM

I agree with the previous poster who noted inconsistencies with the magazine and pattern from the website. I had the same problem with the contrasting waistband -- also, I noticed the yardage on the two were different, the lettering on the pattern pieces does not match the pattern instruction and I can't find the template for the bike for the skirt anywhere.  I even called the magazine to ask but got no response. Overall, this seems like it could be a good magazine, but they have a ways to go before this is really a high quality crafters magazine.

mallorie wrote
on 3 Sep 2009 7:54 AM

I enjoyed making this skirt, and thought it was really simple. But now I'm stuck with how I'm suppose to wear it, and obviously there were no instructions for it. I don't understand how the wrap is suppose to go around, and then out to meet the other end of the wrap. Also, one end of the wrap is much longer once you wrap it. Did anyone else get confused about that? I would love any suggestions!

aprilschutt wrote
on 17 Sep 2009 6:49 PM

This post is for pranamama

Since you bought the magazine would you be willing to email me (I guess you would have to scan it first) the instructions on page 77 for the Mix and Match Skirt?  I would grately appreciate it.



ncllnn wrote
on 16 Sep 2010 8:23 AM

WOW what a bunch of idiots.

its not a con, you need to buy the magazine. if you would have bought the magazine you would have known that. I love how people think they are entitled to free stuff just because they can steal all sorts of other things on the  internet.  this is part of the reason the world economy is gone to heck.    stop expecting free stuff and spend the 5.00 for the magazine so the people that are putting their heart and soul into this magazine can eat.     You people think since you can't see the people making this website and magazine that it doesn't hurt anybody. IT DOES.