ATC Swap - Laughter & Chat

24 Sep 2012
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This is my ATC swap card. I made it mostly by hand using the embedding  technique in the magazine by Diane Savona. I also hand quilted it using tiny seed stitches, I also further embelleshed with sparkly bits & a butterfly.

 I used my own hand dyed fabrics and I tried to tell the person a bit about myself in the card. I am chatty & usually laughing or joking about something. I think life is too short to be miserable!

I hope whoever gets it will enjoy it and I hope it makes them smile.



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jaynelb wrote
on 24 Sep 2012 4:57 AM
wendy ross2 wrote
on 4 Oct 2012 8:47 PM

I like your 'motto'. And I agree with you; life IS too short to be miserable!!!! It doesn't accomplish anything but perpetuated misery. Who wants a legacy like that?! You've inspired me to try the embedding technique so it's back to the article for a lesson...Thank you.