#10 stray Kaleidoscope series

13 Feb 2013
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This series was suppose to be 8 and I'm up to ten now and sneaked in a few more pieces of batik, I really do have a batik monkey on my back ,they are all about 4ft x 4ft and designed by me and hand sewed which I love doing, Sometimes I get a flash of a image that I try to recreate and this is one , I saw long spires and fairy tale colors It reminded me of looking up at the Koln Cathedral in Germany ,I think this recreated it pretty well , it does have 3 of Paula Nadelsterns scraps in it but was the most butt ugly pile of fabrics one ever put together that made this ,I guess if you put together enough ugly you get beautiful at some point, Hope you enjoy them ,more under Lindas gallery 

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Dale Kathryn wrote
on 17 Feb 2013 11:07 AM

I'd love to see the "butt ugly pile of fabrics" you used to create this - another stunner, OkieLinda!