Making Art Business Connections with Jane Davila

28 Mar 2013
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Cyber-savvy fiber artist and successful businesswoman Jane Dávila explains how you can use social media to forge a community and reach potential customers and clients faster and more inexpensively than ever before.

In this webinar, she discusses the pros and cons of all the major social media outlets and even shows you how to create an avatar for your site!

You can also download a PDF on How to Make Pinterest Work for You, also by Jane

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tourmaline wrote
on 27 Jul 2013 5:44 PM

I really like when Interweave has these types of resources available to their audience members.

In future, could the sound be more refined as this is the case with a few of the videos thatyou produce as well.

Setting up more microphones is not that involved and then it would be such a joy to listen. As it is, unless the speakers were telling me personnaly how to accept a million dollars from them, I cannot  focusing and enjoying the presentation.