Kaleidoscope ghost Quilt to be

30 Jun 2013
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this is just one slice on a piece of vellum right now ,someday I hope it will be a handmade king size quilt,but it will take along time to be finished .Most kaleidoscopes are done in a circle and so is this but I have cut off the edges to make a wholecloth Kaleidoscope ,so it really has 4 different edges done 4 times , I now know why I haven't seen anyone doing one like this at least ,hard hard hard but it may come out really nice and at least it will be a one of a kind, sometimes quilters just have to have faith I guess :) 

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wendy ross2 wrote
on 18 Jul 2013 9:51 PM

I love this! Is this a plan on vellum? Or is the photo portion of what you've already made? Are you making it out of grays and whites? Truly, I love it. You are ambitious and I pray your hopes are fulfilled!

okieLinda wrote
on 6 Aug 2013 9:58 AM

yes this is just the road map to the top I just put up , a friend wanted me to save the templates to do one in all white and greys out of it but once she sees them all I dont think she will tackle it .I knew it would be a hard one to do but it was  very hard   thanks  Linda

on 20 Mar 2014 1:58 PM

Fabulous work ! I went through the gallery archives and am always amazed by your quilts. Thanks for showing them. I hope to show a few of my own in the future.