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Episode 1207 preview, Quilting Arts TV Series 1200

17 Jul 2013
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norska57 wrote
on 15 Oct 2013 2:14 PM

Hello Kristine Lundblad -

is there a tech way to 'save' this video technique to a person's documents folder,  for reference purposes?

or how are people handling this ?   

Compliment: I really enjoyed the (very) short video of the RIT fabric dyeing demo, today (10/15/2013) in Chicago area Ch56 WYIN.

technique seems to easy and quick - 


I signed on for the "FREE" quilting book however,  once the PDF arrives,  there appears to be a "membership" and cost involved in converting this file to a PDF file to be captured.

One more password and username to track  and addtl expense!   NOT happy with this so won't go there.


Viewer in Mundelein, IL