Office Window Quilt

5 May 2009
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I wanted a window in my office and soon realized the only way I would get one was to do it myself (smile).  Since I am a quilter and not a carpenter, the answer was obvious.  I had also wanted to make a memory quilt for all the furry members of our family (our children have been the type that meow and bark).  So this window project allowed me to do both.  I created a short video slideshow for my sisters who live out of town.  I have that link below.  Enjoy!!!  Happy Quilting, Chris.


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okieLinda wrote
on 6 May 2009 5:56 AM

What a wonderful concept and quilt, great way to see what you are working so hard for  , I love it !!!

TheNeedler wrote
on 6 May 2009 6:57 AM

Chris, this was lovely.  Your video made me cry though.  It reminded me of my wife telling our little dog goodbye before she died.  Mommy will see you soon.  I especially loved the views and simple framing of suchints as the swing, the pitfork, and even Big Maine looing in the corner of the window.  Great work.......Jim D