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23 Sep 2013
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"Grandmother Ruth"

by Grace Vaughn of Baldwin City, Kansas

This is a quilt I made from the inspiration photo of my Grandmother Ruth. The finished quilt measures 20.75" X 23.5". The inspiration photo was taken approximately 1920. Grandmother Ruth (1898-2002) taught me to sew and she understood my love of and desire to make quilts even when I was a little girl and could not yet use a sewing machine. When I was a little, every summer I would spend some of my school vacation holiday with her. She would purchase a sewing or craft project that I wanted to work on while I was visiting.

Grace's inspiration photo of her grandmother, circa 1920.

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Jodi7 wrote
on 23 Sep 2013 6:34 PM

Guess we finally got our entries online! You did a great job on your grandma's photo.