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Through it All

1 Oct 2013
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Friend's hold on to each other through it all.  You might not always agree but when it matters, you hold on to each other; the longer the better.
This 8x10 quilt was created using an image manipulated in photoshop, printed onto Transfer Artist Paper and then colored over the top before transferring.  The piece is free motion quilted with flowers, leaves, swirls and words about being a friend.  "Through it All" is finished using a basic pillowcase method.

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on 11 Oct 2013 12:28 PM

Beautiful.  Wonderful idea.  Remember vividly looking at my Father's hands as he was dieing and wishing now I had a picture of them.  Thanks for doing this.  Hands play such an important role in our lives and we seldom take the time to recognize it.


Eileen Rozumialski