Time Flies

6 May 2009
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One of eight in a time-themed series.  This 14" X 18"  art piece is truly a 'green project', since I have recycled the canvas, frame, collage experimentation, and the majority of embellishments used -- including a corrupted CD.  A combination of glue and hand sewing secure tiny watch parts, beads, ribbon, feathers, sequins, metal and plastic ephemera.  This was my first attempt at mixing fabric, paper collage and fabric paints together.

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Caz McGill wrote
on 10 May 2009 5:06 PM

What a great first attempt at mixing fabrics and paper. Love projects using recycled materials.

KalGal2 wrote
on 19 Jun 2009 12:00 PM

I think your piece is very "timely"! and it is really, really nice too! Nancy