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Janetexcat's Studio, The Tangled Lair

8 May 2009
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I recently moved to Hamilton, NY and created my dream textile studio and gallery with my husband, Rob who is a photographer.

This photo was taken right as I was moving in... now it is completely filled with my stuff.

I love the space!  We installed lighting in the gallery section.  The back portion of the space is my new textile studio, complete with my library,  my machines, my fibers and yarns, paints, embellishments.  The afternoon light comes in the back windows, and it is a joy to work in a building from 1895, recently renovated.


We are having a Fiber and Textile Art show, please visit our site below to apply.

We invite people to visit, bring their projects, have a cup of tea!  Visit our website to learn more about our art:


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Whidbey2 wrote
on 8 May 2009 1:27 PM

NICE, I love the light.  Too far away to drop in for tea.  Such a shame.