My first Quilt

10 May 2009
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This quilt is a Indian Wedding Ring it has twice the pieces of a regular wedding ring little triangles instead of rectangles , In about in 1992 while running my antique shop selling old quilts everyone was saying the same thing  " No one makes hand made quilts anymore" I dont know if it was a flag to a bull or boredom of a winter in soulthern Oklahoma but I picked up a stack of old Kansas City Stars quilt patterns and one said Don'ttry this one unless your a expert  :)  I hadnt even watched anyone quilting in my life but started wacking pieces out and two years later it was finished, I used a old frame hanging off the ceiling and that was very hard on the back , after that I used a hoop and then the pc pipe hoops and one day found I could do it better with no hoop at all , my last quilt from start to finish by hand took two weeks , most dont go that fast but faster than two years :) I hope that this story tells people if they want to make a quilt just start it and see how it goes. Ive made about 50 handmade quilts since then



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Muppin wrote
on 7 Jun 2011 1:52 PM

OkieLinda- I love this.  I love the feel this quilt has.  It's an instant heirloom!