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Episode 1411-1: Cheryl Sleboda-Shaving cream marbling

20 Jun 2014
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Dott Dott wrote
on 21 Apr 2015 4:26 PM

Hello Cheryl, 

I just love this video. I want to try it.

Please tell me what the name of the Ink is and where I can find it.

Thank you

Dorothy Draughn

agov16 wrote
on 14 Sep 2015 12:33 PM

You use the Tsukeniko acrylic inks. That is what she used and she has her own Youtube channel showing the same technique. HERE

agov16 wrote
on 14 Sep 2015 12:44 PM

Got the dyes at Joanns online store and the pdf fabric at Darma Trading Company online. Hope it helps others looking for the info!

Ann Marie