Lorna & edyth's project

13 Jul 2014
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Lorna is my long lost dearest friend...I just found her a few years ago, after losing contact after 50 years. We keep in contact daily. She has mailed me so many buttons, beads, etc. across the huge pond...I live in the Netherlands & she lives in Washington.  This was my first project using buttons/beads/etc. 

I chose this design "blue lupines/orange poppies" because I know that in the surrounding mountains from Lorna, there are these plants/flowers.  I mail Lorna about my subject & unbelievable what she finds in "garage sales." she has sent me so many antique, vintage, new buttons...

I embroidered the butterfly & 3 or so "lady bugs." The Lady bugs are not so visable on the internet, but in reality you can find them.

I have a long ways to go, to perfect this button art, but thanks to Lorna, I have a huge stash of gorgeous buttons.

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rosenana wrote
on 12 Aug 2014 6:18 PM

This project is so creative.  I just love it.

edyth wrote
on 3 Sep 2014 9:54 AM

Hello Roseana,

I really appreciate your so inspiring comment...this means a lot to me. This project took so many hours...each & every button, bead..hand sewn. I had so many hours of enjoyment making this for lorna,( which she does not know)  she will receive it soon, but first, I am enjoying it. Again...thank you...you have given me inspiration.