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Episode 1603 Preview Quilting Arts TV Series 1600

22 Jun 2015
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Embellished Quilts with Beads and Sequins: Quilt artists explore fine embellishment techniques using beads and sequins to add color, dimension and sparkle to handwork and quilts. In this episode, Catherine Redford demonstrates how to embellish a pin cushion with a fancy beaded edge. Next, Jane LaFazio shows how add fabric embellishments like beads and sequins to small hand-stitched works of art. Lastly, Susan Brubaker Knapp demonstrates sewing embellishments such as a string of beads onto a quilt by machine.

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on 15 Aug 2015 2:15 PM

I love your show but one problem.  You say patterns will be on web site but I can never find them  How do I find them.  Thanks Ruby

KathleenJoan wrote
on 18 Sep 2015 3:35 PM

Why can we not see the actual projects instructions instead of having to buy the book! It never used to be that way. Grr.