"Sea Pear"

17 May 2009
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This is a challenge piece I did in 2007, made of fabric I created using surface design techniques.  The challenge, given by Melly Testa following a class I took from her, was to cut into two pieces of fabric created during the class or one of the play-dates that followed.  I had brought some fabric I dyed using low water immersion techniques, then used a hand made stamp to apply dishwashing gel with bleach as a discharge agent.  On another piece of dyed fabric, I sprinkled sequins around, then sprayed on a bleach water mixture.  Those two pieces of fabric were used for the main portion of this piece.  I might also add that I really had no plan in mind when I began to cut the fabric and compose the design.  At some point, I realized I had created a 'creature', and decided it must be a 'Sea Pear', cousin to the sea cucumber... not really!  Just in my imagination!  At any rate, I hand-sewed the pieces, added beads and vintage lace to enhance the composition, then bound it with more hand-dyed fabric from my stash.  Finished size is 12" x 12".    

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on 18 May 2009 6:58 AM

This is fun and I love your fabrics.

Barbm12 wrote
on 18 May 2009 3:06 PM

Lovely and imaginative!

MellyT wrote
on 25 Jun 2009 8:10 PM

i love you Judy.