Entering Eggbert

5 Jun 2009
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This is based on a photo of my grandson and a challenge of County Fair.  42"x 36". Hand painted hand appliqued original machine quilted.   The little boy is entering his best friend Eggbert to be judged at the county fair and is feeling much what we feel when we enter our hearts of fabric in quilt shows to be admired and judged.  He won best in show and Peoples choice in the Skaget Quilt show and hung at the LaConner Quilt Museum (LaConner Washington) by special invitation in their Encore Quiltfest last year.  Unfortunately he was just turned down for the Knoxville show for AQS.  But that means that I can post him and share with you all.


PS.  This quilt has been juried into the Pacific International Quilt show in Santa Clara Oct 2009

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okieLinda wrote
on 5 Jun 2009 1:10 PM

wow  i love the quilts in the background too  and the rocks are great , 

jakquil wrote
on 5 Jun 2009 7:03 PM

Whidbey, That  is one neat quilt, I love the handkerchief peeking out of his pocket! 

MHeck wrote
on 6 Jun 2009 4:53 PM

I just visitied a friend who now lives in Bellingham, Wa. and she brought me to the beautiful town of LaConner and to Skaget county where the tulips grow. I can not believe I am seeing something from someone who lives there. What a beautiful quilt!!

Whidbey2 wrote
on 6 Jun 2009 8:54 PM


Thank you for the kind words about my quilt. 

I don't actually live in Skagit county or LaConner but I go there a lot.  I live on Whidbey Island just south west of there.  I also go to Bellingham and near by Linden a couple of times a year.  I belong to quilt guilds all over this area. 

Did you get to the quilt museum in LaConner?  It is well worth the trip.  It is in an old Victorian house. It brings in top quilters from all over the world. 

Thanks again


GII wrote
on 10 Jun 2009 3:33 PM

Colorful rooster, chubby-cheeked child, old-fashioned fair... what's not to like? Very cute!