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17 Jun 2009
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this is a pic of a batch  of Molas I purchased off of ebay at a very cheap price , not the best Molas ever made but I was considering making them into one large quilt and decided on doing wild borders on baby size quilts instead, Ive finished 5 or 6 so far , lots more to do ,a Mola is a art form using reverse applique made  off Panama by the Kuna Indians as shirt fronts and backs for the clothing ,some of the better ones have stitches that you would have to have a microscope to see, its really amazing and I would love to see what quilters could come up with using more of them, If I could go anywhere in the world I would go there and watch how they do this, they must have the best eyesight of anyone in the world, 

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Whidbey2 wrote
on 17 Jun 2009 8:57 AM

I have always been facinated by Molas too.  Can't help but buy then when I see them in thrift shops.  Don't know what to do with them either.  I just can leave anything hand stitched in the land of things that nobody wants.  I don't have as many as you do so mine may become a purse.  or a jacket back

Your quilt idea sounds wonderful

Have a happy summer



okieLinda wrote
on 17 Jun 2009 9:08 AM

thats where I bought my first mola , the jugs one , I didnt have a clue about what it was but the more I looked at it the more I realized what a special little thing it was, thanks to google I finally got a name for it , I bought the jester one as the best I could afford and then the lot just because I could , I think it came up to about 2 $ apiece for them , since then the prices are just going up and up , I may never be able to afford another let alone a good one, I wish quilting arts would do a article on them I'm sure some of the more artsy people here would go nuts for them if they knew about them 

KalGal2 wrote
on 17 Jun 2009 7:12 PM

You do have a beautiful collection!  I love all the different colors that they used to make the designs and I like that they are usually an animal or flower or something they are familiar with in their culture. Thanks for sharing ! Nancy

vsferguson wrote
on 16 Sep 2009 10:52 AM

Hi Linda,

I love your Molas, they are absolutely beautiful.  I am interested in buting some, could you give me the place you purchased them from?  Also you mentioned you got them at a good price, wha is a good price for Molas?  This is the first time I have seeing them and I have to have some.  I also want to put them in some quilts,  I think they would be beautiful.  I can be reached at