Craft foam stamp on cotton broadcloth

7 Jul 2009
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Ugh!  How humbling an experience!  I cut out some "rocks" from craft foam, glued them to a piece of scrap wood with Tacky glue and made my first stamp.  I stamped using Procion fiber reactive dyes on cotton.   Next time I will have a design sketched, if not on the cotton, at least in my mind!  But the rocks did turn out OK.  They just need a scene to hang out with.  The blue/purple "rocks" on the left is my stamp.  The red/orange blobs on the right is the stamped art- if you can call it that!!

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smidgen wrote
on 7 Jul 2009 5:54 PM

Well, I am so proud that you just tried it out! The first step with anything is the hardest, really it is! All you need to do is keep trying it out and keep trying! You be a pro in no time!