My Bio

 Why is a 50+ year old woman making and selling wildly age inappropriate art quilts, instead of what you’d expect?  In my imagination, I pretend I’m Van Gogh, he was obsessive about his work.  He cut off an ear, didn’t he? Thankfully, I still have both my ears.
What Vincent and I actually do have in common is compulsion [she said almost oddly proud].  I really am manic, obsessive compulsive. For Vincent, art was life. It’s therapy for me, keeps my little racing mind busy.
My single Mom days are no more, the kids grown & my husband (yes I did remarry] is a very tolerant man. He never complains about my obsession.
 I've had people ask how do you find the time to make so many quilts?  I’ll let you in on a little secret, when you don’t sleep much, you have more time than most people, it’s a 34 hour day.  Bonus hours, my secret super power! I love working in a perfectly quiet house while the rest of the world is sleeping.
I 'm always excited when I start a new project; there are a whole lot of quilts bouncing around in my mind, just waiting to be made. Maybe this will turn out to be one of them. Sure, like everyone, I want success as an artist. But how cool is it, to be able to work doing something that you love? I think my art reflects the joy it gives me to make it. I think that makes for more interesting art.