Barbara Triscari

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Barbara found Quilting Arts Magazine several years ago and at once was in love and inspired.  So many ideas, so little time!  Living in Italy has given many inspirations as well, but also little time as I was always out finding new places to see.  Italy also brought me to a wonderful creative group of friends, Scambio Creativo (Creative Exchange in Italian ).   As the group all moved away from Italy and spread out throughout the world, we are keeping in touch creatively.  I'm looking forward to continuing that journey and embarking on the Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors communities journey as well!   Barbara was in the Sept/Oct issue of Cloth Paper Scissors for the "Charmed and be Charmed" swap. Her mixed media charms are made with gelato spoons, Italian playing cards and beads.  Her gelato spoon charm is featured on the Table of Contents, the article main page and in the article and can be seen on her artist's web site:


  • 24 Aug 2009
  • CPS Charm Swap

    I had so much fun with the CPS "Charm and be Charmed" swap!  Gathered together with our creative group in Italy, Scambio Creativo, to make them over good friends, good food, and good conversation!  Then I got my swapped charms and had fun looking at all the creativity I received back.  Then I opened up the magazine and found mine on the grouping photo, the table of contents photo and the page it is listed!  How much fun is that!  My first swap, too! 

    I used gelato spoons that I melted, put holes in. attached ripped and burned Italian playing cards, put coloring on them, and beaded them.  They were a big hit with our group, who then swapped amongst ourselves.  You can the charms I made and another friend made (tiny real books!) on our group forum.