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My Bio

 I am one very lucky person to have grown up in a family of makers such as quilters, painters, leather workers, woodworkers, knitters, and fine artists.  Making stuff has always been in my life and is a huge part of my life.

The environment is vitally important; I want a decent world for my grandchildren.  Waste not, want not is my credo.  Using creativity to conserve and protect resources is my goal

Professionally I have been very fortunate to work with a number of fine publishers and manufacturers.  Writing 4 books, a multitude of magazine articles, creating sales models and classes along with teaching has been a fulfilling life.  Because of these endeavors I have met remarkable people and made lifelong friends all over the country and world.  Lucky me! 

I choose to work in a wide variety of materials so I guess that makes me mixed media.  From forged copper to fabrics and fibers to paints and recycled materials, all is fair game.  For a while I will work in one medium then for some reason I do not fully understand, be drawn into another or will start mixing the two.