My Bio

Hello!  Quilting is one of my MANY hobbies.  I love sewing in general, plus crafting and throwing Halloween parties (smile).  Oh, and if you cannot tell from my choice of avatars, I love cats.  I am the definition of "crazy cat lady."  My husband and I have nine....yes 9 indoor cats.  So, needless to say, I don't enter any quilt shows that don't accept a little furrrrrr. 

I also LOVE Quilting Arts!  I subscribe to both the QA magazine and its counterpart Cloth, Paper Scissors, and I love them BOTH!  My quilting roots are based in the traditional, but I'm enjoying learning more so I can better express myself through small quilted art projects.  This quilting arts community as well as its companion at Cloth, Paper, Sissors, has been inspirational to me.  I am awed and humbled every day at the wealth of talent and creativity that is shared in this online community. 

Thanks to everyone for sharing your gifts!!