My Bio

Belgium born artist and world traveler for the past 35 years, I dropped my suitcase in St. Martin, French West Indies in 2006, allowing my spirit to feed on the inspiration these islands offer eversince.


I discovered a passion for fabrics in California in 2005 and started a few projects using glue to fix the fabrics on canvasses. One day, a local artist asked me if I’d ever thought about quilting. The basics are “something similar to what you started” she said but using a sewing machine instead to assemble your fabrics and she referred me to a couple of stores in the city. Having no clue what quilting looked like, I decided to go and check it out. I’ll never forget the day I entered that first store, I was transported to a magic land, and…I was hooked.


Though I took a few classes to learn the basics of machine quilting, I’m mostly self-taught. I finished my first abstract piece in 2005 and promptly started a second: an ode to the beauty of nature in our area. New travels and settling down in yet another part of the world put a stop to quilting for a while, I picked it up again a couple of years later and finished my second wall hanging. I have kept at it since.


Quilting art, fiber art, and art quilts offer the best outlet to fully express my creativity. My unquenchable love of fabrics together with a passion to incorporate mixed media in my work, combined with an endless abundance of embellishments, all those elements form a “spicy” recipe for an unstoppable inspirational landslide.


My intricate pieces are the result of an unconventional approach to design, my intuitive taste for colors as well as a fearless attitude toward experimenting with unusual fabrics and mixed media. Though I prefer abstract, I also make exquisite purses, unique business cards holders and whatever else tickles my fancy. All my pieces are embellished either by machine or by hand, with paint, sequins, beads, wire, ribbons, paper, foil, glitter, there is no limit to what I would consider for embellishment.



  • 9 Nov 2009
  • my latest quilting art piece

    Pictures will be forthcoming toward the end of this week.

    Sorry that is what I said until I learned yesterday that my pics are way to big for the system, so before I'm able to post any pics I'll have to find a program to resize them first and that could take sometime. Now,  what about my avatar? I hear you ask; well thar remains a "shrouded" mystery how that pic got through.