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72 years old

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I began quilting about 25 years ago when most of you were babies but never could be satisfied making traditional quilts. Now I am taking Patchwork and Quilting online from Design Matters (Linda and Laura Kemshall) and looking forward to making new and exciting quilts (and maybe a bed quilt or two for the grandchildren. I have two)

I live in a very small wide area in the road in the mountains of western North Carolina. It is beautiful here but a long way from fabric, thread, paint - you get my drift. It has made me use up those pieces in the stash and become an online shopper. My studio is a part of the garage that we walled off - 7' by about 24'. This long narrow room isn't the ideal but it is all mine and that makes it great!

I won honorable mention in an art exhibit for one of my quilts but haven't entered anything for a long time. Quilting Arts has been a real inspiration. I feel that I almost know several wonderful quilters and I really enjoy the opportunity to have that contact with other quilters. I think that this community will be a great thing.