My Bio

I have been quilting for some time.. actually a long time, tho' I don't know where the time has gone, because I still feel like a new quilter

I moved into the art quilt field in 2006, following a traumatic time in the family following my mothers death. It has helped me in very significant ways. Also Karey Bresenhan of Quilts, Inc. and the QA list have been instrumental in my endeavors artistically.

I love art quilting, I love teaching and I am now formally retired as a pattern designer, altho' that was very good to me, too.

I enjoy Challenges, I am a member of several online groups, enjoy the camaraderie and am liking this 'community' as well, albeit it is taking me awhile to learn my way around.

Lets be friends!


  • 9 Jun 2009
  • Show coming... Soft Expressions

    I am having a show in our local Gallery... dates July 2 - 31.

    This is my second show, I am busy pricing and making sure everything has a hanging device.

    Many pieces that will be in the show are on my blog.


    My blogspot is: