Elaine Gates's Favorites

  • a breath of spring

    I first painted the background with fabric paints. Then I used the punch machine , appliquéing grass and herbs (wool, bits of fabrics) and I stuck the flowers and leaves with bondaweb. At last I secured the plants with free motion stitching.
  • Birch Grove

    Birch Grove is needle felted mostly by hand (machine felted for the background) with a variety of wools all natural colored and not dyed. It is 16"x19" and base is a fulled wool sweater. This is based on the birch trees seen throughout Montana...
    by MTRuth
  • coiled fabric baskets with fossils and beads

    Made with scraps of fabrics coiled around clothes line. Adorned with semi precious stones, glass beads and a fossil.
  • Paint a Shibori Forest

    Usually when we hear the word shibori, we think of dyeing . Shibori dyeing come from the Japanese term for several methods of resist dyeing using binding or tying, stitching, folding, twisting, compressing it, or capping to create patterns. 'Fall...

    Needle felted wall hanging
    by gursel
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