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65 years old

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Hi, My given name is Elizebeth, but I go by Beth.  I am 58 about to be 59.  I have two grown children; my daughter Kim, who lives in Lufkin, Tx,, has two children, Britiany and Taylor.  My son, James lives in Seattle and is still single.  I live in Indiana north of Indianapolis about 2 hours, Wabash, Indiana.  I have been quilting off and on for about 35 yrs, but consider myself a chronic newbie at quilting because I really didn't concentrate or do it for enjoyment. I think that I really have graduated to the next, I think that is intermediate.  About 2 years ago I had a pretty devastating accident and found myself not able to work at the job I had trained for forever.  I was an X-ray Tech. ( MRI, CT, MAMMO, general radiology) with a bachelors degree in health care.   I decided that I needed to find something that would keep me from depression and quilting started fitting my needs.  I have magazine collections, book collections, and material stashes filling the room above a two car garage.  I always seem to have at least three projects going at one time and that isn't counting the ufo's that I have stored in totes.  My problem seems to be that I don't have anyone around that is into quilting whom I can talk to.  There is a quilting club that meets once a month, but I haven't yet gotten to one of the meetings.  I will though.  I've made it my next goal.   I have two jelly roll quilts going right now.  I had just started one just before we left for a vacation to visit our daughter in Tx.  When we get back, I plan to get myself in gear.  Being away from my quilting this long has made me very antsy.  This is quite a history or bio.  I guess I'm a talker too.  I would really like to find some friends who are like minded, so I can talk and brain storm and ask questions when I have them.   Please consider being my friend.  Thanks, Beth