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Hello, my name is Gia and I'm a brand new Art Quilter.

It's something I've been interested in doing for over 20 years, but just recently decided to seriously pursue. Back in art school I used to get teased that I turned all my art into "quilts", I suppose because they never understood my fascination with textiles and didn't consider it "real art". How wrong they were! It feels great to finally get these ideas out of my sketchbooks and into the cloth where they always longed to be.

I was ecstatic the day I stumbled upon Quilting Arts magazine. I'd faithfully collected Threads for 24 years, but lost interest when they went exclusively to fashion sewing, and all the other quilting magazines out there kind of bored me. The day I found Quilting arts I quit my Threads subscription, sold it on eBay, and used the money to buy each QA back issue until I had the complete set!

Finally, I feel like I've found kindred spirits - so many creative and talented artists you all are - you really inspire me!

Thank you for creating this amazing website now too - I am thrilled and honored to join you!