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63 years old
Wickwire Corners

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We have a dairy of 55 cows in the rolling hills of western New York State where we raised two daughters who have now blessed us with four grandchildren. I began quilting in the 1970s to make presents for friends having babies using the scraps from the clothes I'd made for me and the girls - poverty induced quilting!  My first quilts were appliques on pre-quilted fabric.  My first foray into pieced quilts involve "Snail's Trail".  I've made several traditional quilts, some not so traditional quilts and went over to art quilts in a big way after visiting the Quilt Festival in Paducah and discovering that I'm not really a quilter, but rather a fiber artist.  I do a lot of handpainted fabric use handcut stamps, use photos and poems - I am first a poet, all the rest of my life came after the poetry.  This is a picture of "August's Bitter Gold".