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Hi!  This is my first time ever joining an online group.  I've been quilting in some capacity since the late 1970's when I was in college but have been sewing nearly all my life. I made doll clothes for my own dolls and my little sister's and learned to embroider when in grade school. I learned basic garment sewing in Home Economics in junior high and high school and made many of my own clothes.  I was a self taught quilter until I took my first class in 1999 when a new quilt shop opened in my town.  I had moved to the area 2 years before and when I discovered the new shop it changed my life!  Not only have I made wonderful friends but I was given the opportunity to work in that store, eventually doing some teaching.  I have been exposed to many talented people and learned a great deal about myself as well.  Unfortunately that wonderful store closed this spring but I will carry the relationships and lessons learned with me forever!

I have been married for 28 years to a wonderful man and we have 3 beautiful daughters. I have an empty nest now as my youngest is a junior in college and won't be home this summer for the first time.  My daughters are all very talented in their own rights: my oldest, now 25, is a fabulous knitter and book maker, my middle one, now 23, is a baking and pastry chef, and my youngest, just turned 21, is a performing arts with a dance emphasis major and also does costume work. I have one cat, Merlin, who keeps me company while my dear husband travels for his job.  I belong to my local quilt guild and am involved in their charity quilting. I take an ongoing quilt class through one of the local community colleges from a very talented teacher, Karen Cunagin, and I recently became a member of the Visions Quilt Gallery in San Diego. I am looking forward to this new experience in joining this community.  My daughters will be so proud!