My Bio

A life long love of the written word and art led to dual Bachelor of Arts Degrees in English Language and Literature and Fine and Applied Arts from California State University at Los Angeles.  I have published poetry, have taught business writing in the academic/business sectors and, until last year, was the manager of a surgical fellowship program at the University of Southern California. 

My commitment to education is equaled only by a passion for family and for the arts.  Early on I did freelance cartography for the University of California, Los Angeles, sold miniature paintings to such establishments as “The Egg and the Eye”, a Los Angeles folk art gallery at that time, Robinson’s Department Store and Virginia’s Gift Shop at Knott’s Berry Farm.  I received a Presidential Recognition Award for my contributions to Los Angeles’ Allesandro Elementary School’s mural project, while I also taught arts to a group of gifted students.  I created an adult sized rocking horse, the plans of which grew into a small business operation and experienced a level of international success through such publications as Popular Mechanics. 

All the while I immersed myself in painting and had work exhibited at both California State University, Los Angeles, and the University of Southern California.  I had yet to conceive of the sewing machine as other than a utilitarian implement.  Six years ago a colleague prevailed upon ne to attend one, just one, Glendale Quilt Guild meeting.  Henceforth, an entirely new focus and passion began to consume my artistic applications.  Along with a core of art enthusiasts from the Guild,  I helped in the formation of an art quilt subgroup.  I also joined “Quilt Visions” of San Diego.  The rest is history. I was hooked.  My home has become a studio filled with the wonder of color and fabric.

My art quilts have sold from Glendale, California to the Gulf shores of Florida with resulting commissioned requests.  As with any passion, there are never enough hours in the day to quickly enough follow the muse into ever-new territories, but each day presents an opportunity to create, to stitch to smile at every new project, every new result, and every new person I meet.  Excitement lives on.