61 years old
3.64 acres of heaven

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Country living, quilting shed (studio) blessed, partially retired, quilter, writer/poet, knitter, crocheter, scrap-booker, singer, reader, photographer, gardener...I love life and creativity!  Could never seem to get beyond the stick-figure drawing stage, but found that whatever I envisioned I could do in fabric!  A quilter was born.  If someone had told me 25 years ago I would take up a craft involving ironing and math... about 10 years ago I started dying fabrics, both chemical and vegetable.  There again, such a surprise, as I avoided all science classes if possible when in school.  Husband is more than tolerant with my passion for quilting and the outdoors.  He says they feed my soul...


  • 19 Jul 2011
  • Gallery

    I think I am safe in surmising every artist, whatever genre/media they work in, are more than a little pleased to be juried into a gallery show. This is happening for me in August of this year. 4 pieces in the gallery. My first Gala preview party. I already know what I want to wear, for Pete's sake! I am, well, more than a little excited! I am doing the vendor thing in the Art in the Park part as well, so I have high hopes and goals. Just wanted to share!

  • 26 Mar 2010
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