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61 years old
3.64 acres of heaven
  • Blue Lagoon

    12x12 quilt made for a challenge where the word was "Blue." When I think of blue I think of the ocean and I take a deep wistful sigh. While I was in Hawaii a few years ago I went snorkeling. I loved looking all the amazing fish and coral. However...
  • Captivated by Maria Elkins
  • Freckles

    This is a wholecloth painted quilt in a series based on photographs of orchids. It is for a group exhibition by Fiber Art Options, a group of seven artists from the Charlotte, NC, area. Our exhibition, called "Orchids: Sensuality Stitched,"...
  • Friends

    Quilted batik. A good listener is a good friend.
    by sonjie
  • Robin's Pillow

    A good friend moved from our Upstate, SC region in the Blue Ridge Foothills down to Charleston at the coast. She had taken a photo of a tree stump in a meadow and it reminded her of home. She asked me to make a thread painted pillow of the pix and this...
  • Share Your Quilt & Fiber Art

  • Trees for Leslie

    My friend was dying of cancer and I made this for her.
    by calna
  • Tufted Titmouse

    I fell in love with a photo by Rolff Nussbaumer and with his permission to use it as inspiration I created this quilt. It measures 30" x 21". I hand dyed the background fabric, and the fabric for the leaves and painted the little bird with fabric...
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