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My name is Lynne and I live in rural Lincolnshire in England. I have been stitching and making things for as long as I can remember. My mum taught me to use a sewing machine when I was just seven years old and my foot only just reached the control peddle.

I have two children and a very supportive husband. Although I completed a B.A. (hons) in Illustration as a mature student, my tutors never quite understood why I chose quilting for my media, instead of pen and paint.

My work has been accepted for an exhibition in a gallery in Lincoln (where the Davinci Code was filmed) and I am so pleased about this, it has increased my self confidence greatly.

 I work alone and so it is great to join a community of other like minded people.

My art work can be seen here or at Phoenix 4426 member.


  • 13 Jul 2009
  • Pigeons

    Ok.  The pigeons are created in a quite complicated manner on Photoshop 7 but I will try to explain.

    • First find your images, photos, magazines, web, as long as they are copyright free. In the case of pigeons  that's the birds, hats, instruments, spare matching wings etc.
    • Put each image into a different layer. Ensure that the layers are in the right order e.g. the hat in a layer above the bird.
    • Resize - cntl t or transform in the pull down. Often images need to be resized.
    • Rub out using the eraser any parts that are not needed e.g the inside of the hat so it sits on the birds head.
    • Follow this proceedure for all of the parts N.B when you are finished on a layer lock it, using the little lock on the layers pull down, this will ensure that you do not add or paint on that layer again until you unlock it. 
    • some parts might need turning again  transform or cntrl t.
    • Paint on layers where needed e.g. the little flags and waistcoats were painted on seperate layers and all other layers locked before this.
    • Hopefully at the end you will have a finished creation.

    I'm sorry if I haven't explained this well it probably needs a more simple image first - try something like child holding a giant cake of piece of fruit where the end product is not so complicated.