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Mixed media artist. Professional jewelry designer. Runs with scissors. Lives to create. My style is a mix of wild abandon + the only shred of perfectionism I have left. I've never met an art supply I didn't fall immediately, passionately, and permanently in love with. I can't get enough of fibers & textiles, paints, canvas, paper mache, stamps, printing, dyes, tape, paper, vintage baubles, ink, beads, glitter, shrink plastic...

Single mom of 3 - two teens & a pre-teen. Species undetermined. After raising the three of them solely on my own, I have no doubt I could diffuse a bomb with finesse. Under strict time constraints. Blindfolded. While several small people stood by me yelling, "Mom! Mom! Moooommm!". And I got someone juice, wiped a spill off someone else's shirt, and bandaged a boo-boo. Without breaking a sweat. Or smearing my lipstick.

I reside at Castle Crazy, Kingdom of Denver, CO, where I've been on the verge of institutionalism for the last 18 years.

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