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I am a mixed media artist with a passion for paper.   I am happiest when I spend my days immersed in art.  Everything I see inspires me to create. The smallest bit of paper, fallen to the floor in my studio, becomes a window on a tiny house or a wing on a bird.  My artwork, created from things other people barely consider, is a dialogue on how I wish to live my life, with mindfulness and a dedication to finding ways to repurpose, reuse and reconsider the items we normally throw away.  


A fifteen year history with papermaking and collage, combined with a newly discovered love for acrylic on canvas, has led me to a creative mixing of media.  My paintings, paper quilts, greeting cards and journals reflect my attention to detail and my love of paper.  My own hand made paper can often be found in my work.  Transformed into a tilted tree or the body of a bird, it is painted, stitched, beaded and layered. 


Recently I recognized the benefit of waking at 5 am and slipping quietly into my studio to paint.  It takes a few minutes to shake the sleep from my eyes, but once I begin, I am guaranteed an hour of uninterrupted time before my family wakes.  The world is still dark, but as I sit, immersed in the day’s creation, the birds start singing, the sky lightens and I am reminded of how blessed I am to be able to do what I love every day.

I appreciate the message that nature sends at this time of year.  Even if the winter has been cold and hard, we can all start anew.  The robin rebuilds her nest, and lays new eggs.  The grass grows and greens.  The trees fill with fresh buds and leaves.  There is a natural order, an ebb and flow, that I welcome as a consistent pattern in my life.