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My Bio

After working for several years with stained and fused glass, I decided it was time to take this "art" thing seriously and delve into learning as much as I could about design, various media, and what I was drawn to.

I was immediately drawn to fabric because of the rich colors and patterns; I couldn't pass a quilt shop without popping in to fondle the goods.

I'm still developing my artistic voice, and having a great time doing it!


  • 15 May 2009
  • Weekly Journal Squares

    On my birthday (in February), I embarked on a year-long journal quilt project. I'm creating one 6x6" square a week for one year. At the end of the year, I'll add a beginning and an ending square (so the rows will be even) and sew them all together.

    Each of the squares are influenced by the techniques I'm using that week; events during the week; and my general feeling and mood(s). You can read more about them on my blog at textiletraveler.blogspot.com. All of the related posts are tagged with "weekly_square."

    Take a look at the slideshow, if you're interested!