Yvonne Jaunay

63 years old
South Australia

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My Bio


I am Yvonne Jaunay and I live in South Australia with my husband and lots of rescued animals.

I work mainly in mixed media which means everything (or just about).  My problem is that I know about lots of things slightly but not  very much about anything.

Always looking for new friends through the forums to communicate with so that I can expand my knowledge and give me the incentive to get up and try new things. Maybe even getting experienced in knowing one medium really well.

I co-ordinate a community art centre about 50kms but I have resigned from that as from Christmas so I MIGHT have more time to do some proper artwork. I am in the middle of getting work ready for an exhibition in December.

My avatar is of a tree that I took using my phone on a negative setting.  It was in an exhibition recently and I was proud of it with lots of good comments.