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I am Anastasia.

I love creating. I connect to "Spirit" when I am creating  whether it is a quilt, a painting, stampng, making a quilt or moving rocks, seaweed, and driftwood into a design on the beach.

I love nature which is why I live in Washington state in the Puget Sound area. Rocks, Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, and the Oceans and Islands.

I come from a huge family-16 syblings- and have a 22 year old son and a 23 year old adopted daughter who has two lovely children- 4 year old girl and 20 month old boy who runs her wild and my grand daughter is an artist who thinks she is the boss. I adore all of them.

The challenge is that I can spend my whole life outside of my job nurturing all of them instead of my self. My goal this year is to heal my body, mind, and Spirit. I have spent the last few years having surgeries, losing a sister to cancer helping one of my favorite brothers through a massive stroke, losing my husband because I was working too hard on helping people to not jump off of bridges- Literally- and did not pay enough attention to him. Now all I want to do is make art, create a beautiful home, and travel to places where I can make art and learn about how to make more art. And also connect to God-dess through creativity and meditation. I am ready to LIVE and FLY and become the woman I know is inside and who wants to express all of the magic she has been suppressing while helping others.

As you can tell I am a wee bit tired. I hope I have not offended anyone.

I was a stone sculptress for 14 years until an injury slowed me down. Now I focus on my textiles, watercolors, and multi-media art work. And creating a home where people can come and absorb happy, healing energy while looking at and making powerful arts and crafts.

I am looking forward to meeting people from all over the world. Being in my mid forties and always having a "itchy feet" I love learning about othe cultures. Some day I hope to really take off and travel. I need to hurry though or all you other travelers will have purchased all of the fabric!!

I look forward to meeting you.